About Us


Harris Kukundakwe trained and worked under PLO Lumumba at Lumumba & Lumumba Advocates, where he galvanized the art of practice in constitutional law, commercial law and property law.

He then Joined Asiimwe and Associates in 2016 as a partner, where he oversaw different departments such as Commercial and Corporate Law, and eventually Property Law.

He started Harris Kukundakwe and Company Advocates in 2021, bringing to his work dedication and a rare capacity for
hard work.

Harris has worked closely with professionals from multiple locations and industries. These include Aviation, Investment, Telecom and Finance. This has given him a vast network of relationships across the region and beyond.

He is involved in cross-border practice especially in Uganda and has a wealth of knowledge and strong networks across the East Africa.

He is a member of the Law Society of Kenya and the East African Law Society.